Tumblin Creek Wetland & Trash Trap

Tumblin Creek Wetland & Trash Trap  

Project Description:

Construction is complete on the city’s newest sediment basin and trash trap. A recently completed watershed management plan for Tumblin Creek identified that a significant amount of trash and polluted runoff discharges into Bivens Arm which is listed as an impaired water body by the State. This nearly 300-foot-long regional wetland and trash trap will reduce the amount of pollutants from stormwater runoff from the city being discharged into this impaired water body. The project will consist of a trash trap to filter out heavier trash and a sediment trap to capture sediment that has been transported down Tumblin Creek.  The project is located at 1900 SW 13th St., and was completed in May 2017.

Project Update 5/4/2017

This project is currently in the Construction phase and is anticipated to be complete in June of 2017.

Contact Information:

Betsy Waite, P.E.
City of Gainesville Public Works
Office: (352)-393-8405