Walnut Creek Phase 2

Walnut Creek Phase 2 (Private)

Developer :

Legacy Property Development, Inc. – Cotton Fletcher
General Contractor : R.E. Arnold Construction, Inc.
24-hour Contact : 352-494-9980

Owner Representative :

CHW, Inc.
Josh Highlander


The front entrance to Hidden Pines (NW 27th Street) will be closed during the week of Thanksgiving (November 23 – 27) for storm pipe upgrades. While this section of roadway is closed off at the front of the neighborhood, the back gate that separates Hidden Pines and Walnut Creek Phase 1 will be opened. Access for Hidden Pines will be through the rear of the neighborhood to NW 39th Avenue for this week. Once the construction has been completed, the front entrance will be re-opened and the back gate will be locked again. The contractor, R.E. Arnold will be sending out fliers with this closure information to all affected residents. The desire is to complete this work while the schools are closed for the week of Thanksgiving in order to minimize the impact to the area and school traffic.


The purpose of this webpage is to provide the surrounding residents with information concerning the construction and development of the Walnut Creek Phase 2 project. As more information is provided, this page will be updated and a notification will be sent to those that are currently subscribed to the mailing list for this project. If you would like to be added to the distribution list, please send an email to the address below.

Phase 2 Stormwater Improvement Narrative:

Walnut Creek Phase 2 contains 55 lots south of the existing phase 1 of Walnut Creek. Construction of the 55 lots includes numerous provisions to correct phase 1 drainage problems as well as items promised to the adjacent neighborhood such as saving of large trees, planted buffers, etc.

Phase 2 contains a large Wet Detention Stormwater management facility that will serve phase 2 and the phase 1 area. The phase 1 ponds along 39th and along the boundary of Hidden Pines will be remediated by installation of an overflow structure in the ponds that will discharge to a stormwater pipe that will carry the stormwater to the phase 2 pond. The existing ponds will be scraped clean and vegetation re-established.

The large stormwater pipe that carries water from phase 1 will traverse the phase 2 site along the boundary of Hidden Pines. Along the way inlets have been placed on this pipe to collect any surface water from the natural areas and buffers behind the Walnut Creek Homes and existing Hidden Pines homes.

Once the stormwater is treated in the Phase 2 pond it is discharged via an overflow structure that discharges to a newly laid storm pipe that flows south to Glen Springs Road and then west along Glen Springs Road to the Creek.

The pond is equipped with an emergency overflow to the south to Glen Springs road to handle events in excess of a 100 year flood event.

Causseaux, Hewett, & Walpole, Inc. (CHW) will be providing daily inspection of the construction activities associated with Phase 2. In the Related Documents section to the right, there is a document showing the current schedule for the completion of the stormwater infrastructure for Phase 2.


In the “Related Documents” section to the right are several files available for downloading and viewing. The following is a brief description of each of these files:

  • Plans_a50211_WalnutCreek.pdf – Permitted Phase 2 construction plans for Walnut Creek

  • FO 1 – Survey Clarifications – CHW.pdf – Field Order #1 to permitted plans

  • FO 2 – Offsite Storm Shift – CHW.pdf – Field Order #2 to permitted plans

  • FO 3 – Overflow Discharge Revisions – CHW.pdf – Field Order #3 to permitted plans

  • FO 4 – Basin Outfall Piping Realignment – CHW.pdf – Field Order #4 to permitted plans

  • FO 5 – Stormwater Berm Specifications.pdf – Field Order #5 to permitted plans

  • NCFRPC_Combined.pdf – The four panels from the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council (NCFRPC) maps (dated 1974)

  • DD-11.pdf – DD-11 panel of the NCFRPC Maps, dated 1974

  • DD-12.pdf – DD-12 panel of the NCFRPC Maps, dated 1974

  • EE-11.pdf – EE-11 panel of the NCFRPC Maps, dated 1974

  • EE-12.pdf – EE-12 panel of the NCFRPC Maps, dated 1974

  • Walnut Creek Phase 2 Construction Activities Master Plan.pdf – The current proposed schedule for implementation of the stormwater management system.

Public Works Contact Information
Andrew Roberts, PE

Last Updated : 11/18/2015