Suburban Heights Stormwater Improvements

Suburban Heights Stormwater Improvements

Project Update:

The Suburban Heights Beville Creek Restoration Project is currently under construction.

The project consists of the stabilization and restoration of a heavily eroded segment of Beville Creek which flows through the Suburban Heights neighborhood. The restoration activities will include the construction of a series of armored step pools and one cascade feature known as Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance. Additional stabilization improvements include gabion baskets, Flexamat, rolled erosion control blanket and native seeding and planting. The proposed work limits begin south of NW 14th Avenue and continue south and east approximately 1000 feet into Cofrin Nature Park.  Beville Creek provides wildlife with a connection from Cofrin Park to Kingwood Lake.  In order to reduce erosion, provide a more aesthetic drainage corridor for residents and promote the health of the creek system the City is will be restoring the creek as an open channel, which will mimic the Cofrin Park creek restoration project that took place in 2015.

The project was put out to bid in January and went to the City Commission for approval in February of 2017.  It was determined through the City’s competitive procurement process that Landshore Enterprises, LLC was the lowest responsive, responsible bidder.

Construction began in early April and was nearly complete in early September, before Hurricane Irma struck.  Hurricane Irma caused a substantial amount of damage to the project site as vegetation had not had time to fully establish on the newly rebuilt creek banks.  From mid-September until early October the design team worked on a plan forward and made modifications to the design.  The Contractor, Landshore Enterprises, will be remobilizing to the site in November and will need approximately 6 weeks to reconstruct areas that experienced severe erosion during Hurricane Irma.  Project completion is now estimated to be in December of 2017. 

Project Update:  The Suburban Heights Beville Creek Restoration Project was completed in December 2017.

Construction Photos:

Broken Concrete Spillway_01.13.15
Ongoing Construction

Effects of Hurricane Irma:

Soil Slip
Before and After 1
Before and After 2
Before and After 3