Stephen Foster Neighborhood (West of Koppers) Roadway Improvements

Project Purpose:  Update substandard transportation infrastructure within the recently remediated portion of the Stephen Foster Neighborhood, adjacent to the Cabot/Koppers Superfund Site, to meet the minimum roadway structural standards of the City of Gainesville and which, concurrently, will complement the neighborhood revitalization that is in progress.  The project anticipates reconstruction of most of the paved surfaces along with the creation of minor drainage improvements (road side swales) where there is opportunity.

Project Streets:  The streets in consideration for reconstruction are within the highlighted area on the exhibit below.


stephen Foster kopers

Project Schedule:



Typical Street:

stephen_foster_typical_street - Copy

Recent Activity:

On January 15th, 2015 the City Commission authorized the use of Koppers Superfund Settlement Funds to be used on public infrastructure improvements in the areas surrounding the Koppers Superfund Site, including the Stephen Fosters Neighborhood.  $424,500 was allocated at this time for roadway repaving.  In August of 2016 the City Commission approved a gaurateed maximum price in the amount of $420,177.00 for Oelrich Construction Inc. to facilitate the resurfacing and reconstruction of streets within the Stephen Fosters Neighborhood.   The roads within the Stephen Fosters Neighborhood do not meet current design standards and the asphalt is in poor condition.  The project will include the resurfacing and/or reconstruction of 9 streets in the Stephen Fosters Neighborhood and some minor drainage improvements.  Construction will begin in late September and will last approximately  4 months.

Below is a snapshot of the construction schedule as of 9/7/16:

  • 9/12 – Contractor mobilization – begin surveying and site preparation
  • 9/20 – Work on NW 26th Avenue
  • 9/30 – Work on NW 27th Avenue
  • 10/12 – Work on NW 28th Avenue
  • 10/24 – Work on NW 29th Avenue
  • 11/3 – Work on NW 30th Avenue
  • 11/15 – Work on NW 4th Terrace and NW 31st Lane
  • 11/25 – Work on NW 4th Street
  • 12/31 – Project Complete

100% plans have been delivered for review and a final plan set is anticipated by July 14th, 2016.  The construction management firm Oelrich Construction, Inc. has provided the City with a guaranteed maximum price for the project.  Their proposal is currently routing to the City Commission for final approval.  Construction is anticipated to begin in late summer/early fall and will last 4 months.  For more information, please contact Betsy Waite, project manager, at 352-393-8405 or

Comments on the documents should be directed to Betsy Waite, Project Manager at 352-393-8405 or