NW 8th Avenue

9/26/2016 Update

-Paving of Section B (between Northwest 34th Street and Northwest 23rd Street) will be substantially complete by the end of September. Sidewalks and crosswalks have been completed throughout this section.

-Section A (between Northwest 40th Drive and Northwest 34th Street) and Section C (between Northwest 23rd Street and Northwest Sixth Street) are complete.

-Hogtown and Possum Creeks have been rehabilitated and stormwater culverts have been installed that better distribute stormwater flow between the environmental areas north and south of NW 8th Avenue.


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Conceptual Flythrough:


The purpose of the project is to mill and resurface N.W. 8th Avenue between NW 40th Drive and NW 6th Street.  Much of the pavement in this section is in poor to failing condition and continues to deteriorate. It is imperative that the City move forward with the project as soon as possible to help minimize additional costs to completely reconstruct the entire corridor. While the primary intent of the project is to restore the pavement, the project will also include upgrades in safety, ADA accessibility and aesthetics. In May 2013, the design concepts for Section A (between NW 40th Dr. and 34th St.) and Section C (between NW 23rd St. and NW 6th St.) were presented by City staff and approved by the City Commission. In the Fall of 2013, Section B (between NW 34th St. and NW 23rd St.) was restriped as a two lane road as a trial. In December 2014, design concepts for Section B were presented by City staff with the City Commission approving to return this section to four lanes.

For more information, please contact Stefan Broadus, Project Manager, at broadusm@cityofgainesville.org or (352) 393‑8406.