Depot Avenue Segment 4

Project Description: The City Commission has envisioned a revitalization of the Depot Avenue neighborhoods and has provided a major investment in the Depot Park development; the site of a historic train depot and stormwater park.  The Depot Avenue corridor provides a linkage between many historic neighborhoods, major employment centers, and several recreational parks.  Improving the Depot Avenue corridor into a multi-modal transportation corridor will provide critical linkages for all modes of travel to the historic Cotton Club neighborhood, the Rosa Parks Downtown Transit Station, the Depot Park, the historic Porter’s neighborhood, high-density student residential housing, medical facilities, and the University of Florida.

This phase of the project proposes to reconstruct the road between SE 7th Street and Williston Road with brick sidewalks, decorative LED lighting, and creek culvert rehabilitation. Specific design considerations were given to save Live Oaks and implement sidewalks adjacent to the historic Cotton Club.

Project Update: 10/31/2017

Construction is well underway on this project. Work progress to date includes the reconstruction of the culverts at the Sweetwater Branch creek crossing, upgraded stormwater conveyance system (about 60% complete), new concrete curb and gutter (about 25% complete), and road bed preparation (about 25% complete). Upcoming tasks in the near future include continuation of the curb and gutter, driveways, stormwater system, and road preparation as well as getting started on the brick sidewalks, decorative streetlights, and road paving. The project is on schedule to be completed in Spring 2018.

Project Update: 6/20/2018

Construction was completed in June 2018.


Depot Ave Segment 4 Map

Construction Photos: