Bicycle Boulevards

City Commission Strategic Initiative 5.1 calls for the implementation of infrastructure improvements for bicycle and pedestrian use, including expansion of the transportation network with the addition of sidewalks, trails and other enhancements that facilitate access and mobility.bboulevard12avesign

City Commission funded $200,000 in FY13 for the implementation of low cost solutions that enhance the multimodal system, such as bike boulevards and connectors.

Four bicycle boulevards will be created on W 12th Street, N 3rd Avenue, NE Boulevard, and E 7th Street.  These facilities include features such as enhanced signage and markings and video detection at signalized intersections.

 Design & Construction: In House

bboulevardpicSchedule: The first bike box was installed in February 2014 on SW 2nd Avenue at 13th Street. Installation of the bicycle boulevard on W 12th Street is nearing completion as of June 2014. Installation on N 3rd Avenue will follow.

Project Manager 
Debbie Leistner
(352) 393-8412

Last updated June 19, 2014