SW 35th Place Sidewalks, Phase 2

SW 35th Place Sidewalks, Phase 2

SW 35th Place construction: The sidewalk (on the north side of SW 35th Place between SW 34th Street and SW 32nd Terrace) is complete and officially open to the public. The project’s scope included stormwater upgrades and the installation of an ADA compliant sidewalk. For more information, please contact project manager Betsy Waite via email at waiteED@cityofgainesville.org or phone (352) 393-8405.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will construction start and how long will it last?

Construction is slated to start on April 13th of 2015 and is expected to be completed in late June of 2015.  During this time the north shoulder of SW 35th Place will be closed from SW 34th Street to SW 32nd Terrace. Traffic will not be adversely affected during this time.

Hicks Seal Coating & Striping, LLC will be the contractor for this project. They were awarded the bid based on the City’s continuing services contract for sidewalk construction.

Who can I ask for more information about this project?

Contact Betsy Waite, Project Manager, at 352-393-8405 or waiteed@cityofgainesville.org for more information.

What is the scope of this project?

The primary objective of this project is to design and construct an ADA compliant sidewalk on the north side of SW 35th Place from SW 34th Street to SW 32nd Terrace.   Drainage improvements will be made to accommodate the sidewalk construction.

What is the construction cost for the sidewalk?

The construction cost of this project is $125,000 which will include the concrete sidewalk and stormwater upgrades.

Project Limits? (Please see attached .PNG)


 PreConstruction Photos


Post Construction Photos

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