SE 4th Street

SE 4th Street

Project Update: 10/31/2017

The design phase for this project was completed in July 2017 and the project was released for bid in August. Construction bids were received in early September and is on schedule to be presented to the City Commission for approval on November 16. The land rights coordination phase has been a very timely and complex process but is fortunately approaching completion. Construction is expected to begin in late 2017 and last approximately 12 months.

Purpose: The primary objective is to reconstruct SE 4th Street from Depot Avenue to Williston Road. Other objectives include:

• Addition of bike lanes
• Addition of sidewalks on both sides of the roadway
• ADA accessibility upgrades, as necessary
• Sweetwater Branch culvert underpass replacement
• Stormwater treatment
• Street lighting
• Aesthetic upgrades

The SE 4th Street corridor is a collector roadway which serves existing local businesses and residents. It also provides access from southeast Gainesville to the Downtown area from Williston Road to the recently revitalized Depot Avenue. The stormwater treatment facilities will also include amenities appropriate for the adjacent rail-to-trails bike path and the residential area. The Sweetwater Branch culvert underpass failed during the 2004 hurricanes, which impact this corridor. Therefore it is currently proposed to be replaced with a higher capacity underpass.

Schedule: Construction is being coordinated with the nearby Depot Ave/SE 7th Ave project and is currently anticipated to begin in late Summer 2017.


City Commission : The presentation to the City Commission was conducted at the August 21, 2014 meeting. This presentation asked the City Commission to decide on a cross section for SE 4th Street and to provide direction concerning the heritage live oaks at the Sweetwater Branch crossing. The City Commission voted to approve staff’s recommendation for cross section #4 and to provide a slight shift in the roadway to save the heritage live oaks at the Sweetwater Branch crossing and providing a wooden crosswalk around these trees. With this approval, staff will now proceed with the 60% design. Also approved at the August 21, 2014 City Commission meeting was the recommended short list for the Construction Manager at Risk firm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the limits of construction?

The northern limits are from the recently completed roundabout at Depot Avenue and the southern limits are Williston Road.

Will there be sidewalks constructed?

Yes, the sidewalks will be 5’ wide behind the raised cycle tracks. This will create 8.5’ between the edge of the vehicular travel lanes and the sidewalks.

Will there be bike lanes constructed?

There will be bike lanes provided on both sides of the roadway in the form of 5.5’ wide protected “cycle tracks”. These will be separated from the vehicular travel lane by a 27” wide, 5” tall curb and gutter.

How wide are the vehicular travel lanes?

The travel lanes will be 11’ wide.


Will there be any lighting?

The sidewalks and street are proposed have new lights constructed along the corridor. The style of lighting will match the existing lighting to the north along Depot Avenue with a “hockey puck” style 30’ tall light and an “acorn” style 10’ tall decorative pedestrian LED light.

What type of public outreach has been performed or will be performed?

Several forms of public outreach have been performed to date.

  • A presentation was provided to the City Commission at the March 6, 2014 meeting. The City Commission directed staff to evaluate several cross sections with respect to the right-of-way impacts, cost, and safety and welfare of the public. They requested staff to solicit input from the public (which is currently underway) and to present all of this information at a future City Commission meeting. A presentation was provided to the City Commission at the August 21, 2014 meeting to review the various cross sections being analyzed. The City Commission approved cross section #4, directed staff to try and preserve the heritage oaks near the Sweetwater Branch crossing, and directed staff to proceed to 60% plans.

  • There was a public workshop held on January 29, 2014 to provide an update for the 30% design and plans. A second public workshop was held on June 4, 2014 to review the various cross sections that were analyzed as directed by the City Commission. Invitations for both workshops were mailed to those parcels within 500 feet of this section of SE 4th Street.

  • This website has been provide for public outreach.

  • Several newsletters have been emailed to those who have subscribed to the project’s newsletter listing. To receive future newsletters, please sign up on this webpage.

  • A new virtual forum entitled engageGNV has been initiated by the City of Gainesville and a topic asking the question “How should the City of Gainesville rebuild SE 4th Street?” was utilized. This topic is closed, but input can be viewed at to read what other residents are stated on this topic.

Will the amount of truck traffic be taken into account?

The asphalt design will take into account the amount of truck and bus traffic. This will result in a thicker amount of asphalt and roadway base.

How will the stormwater from SE 4th Street be treated?

The stormwater runoff from SE 4th Street will be conveyed to two stormwater facilities. One is located south and the second is located north of the Sweetwater Branch crossing. The runoff will be treated within each respective facility before discharging at a controlled rate into Sweetwater Branch. Two areas of land were acquired for these facilities. The southern facility will be located at 411 SE 13th Lane. The northern facility will be located at 1123 SE 4th Street.

When will construction start?

Roadway construction is expected to begin in late 2017.

Whom do I contact with questions and/or comments about this project?

The City of Gainesville Project Manager is Stefan Broadus, P.E. Please contact via email at or phone at 352-393-8406.


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