6th Street Rail Trail

6th Street Rail Trail

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can I ask for more information about this project?

Contact Stefan Broadus, Project Manager, at 352-393-8406 or broadusm@cityofgainesville.org for more information.

Who is the contractor paving the trail?

The contractor was V.E. Whitehurst & Sons, Inc. out of nearby Williston, Florida. They were awarded the construction of this project because they submitted the lowest bid.

How is the construction of the trail funded?

The trail construction is funded through a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Local Agency Program (LAP) which will fund 100% of the construction costs.

What is the construction cost for the trail?

The low bid for the construction of the trail was $643,679.80.

Will the trail be landscaped?

Yes. The trail will be landscaped as a part of a separate effort to be constructed in the near future.

What are the project limits?

The project will join the two existing segments of the trail along West 6th Street between SW 2nd Avenue and NW 10th Avenue. The project will deflect to the east between NW 7th Avenue and NW 8th Avenue near the GPD Building to following the alignment of the historic railroad bed. See the video on the project’s home page for more details.


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Last Updated: 07/15/2014


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