Completed Projects

Public Works Projects

Project NameCurrent PhaseConstruction StartConstruction End
Sweetwater Wetlands ParkCompleted
SE 2nd Ave MediansCompleted01/1703/17
Depot Avenue Segment 4Construction01/1701/18
W 6th St Trail LandscapingCompleted02/1506/15
Celebration Pointe Flyover (DEV)Completed02/1610/16
SW 62nd St/BlvdDesign02/2012/20
Suburban Heights Stormwater Improvements Completed03/1712/17
SW 35th Place Sidewalks, Phase 2Completed04/1506/15
Depot Avenue - Segment 2Completed05/1409/16
S 1st Ave LightingCompleted05/1507/15
Butler Plaza Roadways & Infrastructure (DEV)Completed05/1512/15
Airport Landfill RemediationCompleted05/1511/16
NW 2nd Ave Bike Blvd (6th to Main St)Completed06/1509/15
Traffic Signal Mast Arm Painting (UnivAve)Completed06/1510/15
Archer Road (SW 16th Ave to SW 13th St) ImprovementsDesign06/1707/18
W 6th St Rail Trail – 7th Ave Curb RampsCompleted07/1508/15
Walnut Creek Phase 2Completed07/1504/17
NW 23rd Terr Sidewalk/NW 34th BlvdCompleted07/1501/16
NW 21st St SidewalkCompleted07/1508/15
NE 8th Ave Crosswalks (200-500)Completed07/1508/15
Paynes Prarie Sheetflow RestorationCompleted08/1207/15
SW 2nd Street ConnectionCompleted08/1510/15
SE 4th St ReconstructionDesign08/1708/18
Bus Stop ImprovementsCompleted09/1511/15
NW 8th AveCompleted09/1510/16
Tumblin Creek Wetland & Trash TrapCompleted09/1605/17
Norton TrailDesign09/1701/18
Neighborhood Streetlight ImprovementsCompleted10/1503/16
SW 3rd Ave SidewalkCompleted10/1511/15
NW 20th DrCompleted10/1510/15
Neighborhood (West of Koppers) Roadway Improvements

NW 19th Ln Bike FacilityDesign10/1902/20
SW 35th Terr Basin PlatformCompleted11/1504/16
SW 6th St (WUA to SW 5th Ave)Construction11/1709/18
SW 27th Street TrailDesign11/1801/19
Main St Streetscaping - Phase 2Completed12/1506/15
W 6th St Rail Trail Landscaping Phase 2Completed12/1503/16

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